Where To Stay

When people book fishings, we are often asked for advice on where to stay, and much will depend on the type and duration of fishing booked and where it is.

In the UK and Ireland, each river section has a page listing suitable places to stay. You normally arrange your own accomodation, but please note that a few fisheries insist that you stay in their own lodge or hotel (see compulsory accommodation)

Outside the UK, it is more usual to stay in accomodation provided by the fishery, but this is not always the case

Types of accommodation

You have the choice of everything from top quality country house hotels and lodges down to small inviting guest houses; or if you prefer self catering, from grand apartments in castles down to small cottages or a nearby caravan site. The choice is yours and will depend greatly on your budget.

What to look for

Try to find somewhere close to your fishing if at all possible. Also ensure that they are happy to cater for anglers. Do they provide breakfast early enough and supper at a reasonable time to allow for a full day's fishing? Will they provide packed lunches, store your catch in their deep freeze and provide drying facilities for any wet clothes. If you have a dog, do they allow pets?

It also helps to stay somewhere where there are other fishers, so that you can hear about what is happening locally and enjoy swapping stories in the bar.

Local advice

The best way to find the right accommodation is to ask the fishery that you have booked onto. They will know what is available locally, which establishments are doing well at the moment and which ones you should avoid, if any. The fishery understands the importance of providing the right advice - if they get it wrong, know they will soon hear about it!

Compulsory Accommodation

Most fisheries abraod and some in the Uk, particularly in the North of Scotland, provide their own accomodation and insist you stay in it. Usually it is a lodge but occasionally a hotel or holiday cottage. Some times the accomodation is voluntary and sometimes it is included in the price of you fishing and some times extra.

To check the situation with any fishing that you ar considering booking, look carefully at the right hand notes column in the booking lists for any of:

HE = Hotel Extra, HI = Hotel included
BE = B&B Extra, BI = B&B included
CE = Cottage Extra, CI = Cottage included
LE = Lodge Extra, LI = Lodge included

An 'E' stands for an extra charge will be made. An 'I' stands for charge included in fishing price. Either way you have to stay in the accommodation provided.

The notes column is only a guide, so you should always check the fishery's description as well (click its name in Beat/Fishery column of the booking list)