New To Sea

Where to go & what to catch

Scotland has some of the best boat and shore angling in the world, with a vast array of species available throughout the year, including Cod from the Boat, Beaches and Rocks in the winter, along with Coalfish, Whiting, and Haddock.

In the Western sea lochs you can target the hard fighting Spur dogfish with a good chance of landing a double figure specimen, with perhaps a bonus fish such as the Thornback ray.

Spring sees the first of the Flounder and Bass entering the river estuaries, with Pollack & Lesser-Spotted Dogfish from most of the rock marks around the South West of Scotland.

As the summer approaches Ballan Wrasse can be caught from the rough ground areas very often from the rock ledges under your feet. Bigger Pollack can be caught along with the beautifully marked Mackerel, which appear in large shoals and can be caught close to the shore particularly in deeper water marks such as piers and rocky headlands.

Charter boats will take anglers out as a group or allow individuals to join others as they chase big Tope, Bullhuss, Pollack, and Cod.

Boats on the North and East Coast will be looking for the Cod, Ling, Pollack and Coalfish that frequent these waters.

What tackle

There are many methods employed when Sea angling, from spinning or float fishing with light tackle, to heavy beachcasting or boat fishing.

It is possible to use freshwater tackle, however you can kit your self out without breaking the bank. A rod and reel set-up to get you catching fish can be purchased with a little financial outlay. There is more expensive tackle available, which could be considered later on.

First find out which type of fishing is available for your chosen area. You should contact the local sea angling club, they will give general advice on where to fish, what baits to use and the tackle required to fish the marks.

Most tackle shops will also be able to offer advice, and provide tackle and bait for the local area. This is often a good place to seek advice, as other anglers will keep the local fishing shop up to date with what's happening.

You could check out the local angling matches across the country, where novice and seasoned anglers fish together. The match scene is a good place to learn some of the tactics to improve your catch rate.

Sea angling magazines offer good advice, with practical info on most aspects of our sport.

Get in touch with one of the local clubs they are always looking to bring in new members. The club is a great place to develop your skills and also an excellent way to learn about the best fishing spots.

Get out there and experience the thrill of catching fish.