(Last updated: Friday 24th March)

After storm Doris the river rose very quickly and has dropped just a quickly. Current levels are at Frairs Carse is 3' 2" and will no doubt be running colour but begining to fine. I would think that at this height the Grayling Competition might be off, but please liase with the hotel for an update.

For opening day the hotel will host anyone that wishes to turn up and no doubt some chat will be had. Please keep and eye on the forecast tonite as more wind and rain are due in and this will no doubt push the levels straight back up!!.

After such a settled winter, it is very fraustrating to find the river yo-yoing at the beginning of the season.

Spinning will no doubt be in order and heavy tackle as mentioned in the river report. If the river is fishable.

Now that the river has been reclassified as Cat 2 for the 2017 season lets make sure that catches are recorded and and everyone has some fun and to be more positive about the river.

Please keep in touch with Ian Griffin 07760884450, Allan Blyth 01387-721211 01573 470612.

Weather information

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