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Last week

(Last updated: Sunday 4th June)

Water height – 2-4in

Water temp – 54-57F

Overheads = cloud with some sun and occasional rain showers

It's fair to say the rain never came to much within the Lochy catchment. Some heavy showers added an inch or 2 to the levels, but this is not what is needed to change the current trend.

May has been a very difficult month with only 2 fish landed and 7 lost on the upstream beats and 3 landed on the club beats – the worst start for a very longtime!

I can offer up 3 possible scenarios –

The fish knew long ago that conditions were not right for entering the river and so they remain at sea until the prevailing conditions change. (Continued Hydro maintenance has also had a significant impact here)
They are just later than normal and are therefore “enroute” from the North Atlantic.
We do not have a strong spring run of 2SW salmon suggesting a low survival rate on the 2015 smolt migration.
I hope it's either 1 or 2. It does appear however, that around the country the 2SW salmon are in short supply – even on the big rivers where water levels have less impact on the upstream running behaviour!

As for the fishing this week, I have a similar story to that of previous weeks – lots of effort and many casts but little return. 2 fish were again lost after a brief encounter and a few others seen running through but that was it on the upstream beats.

Down on the club water, a blank week was saved by Rab Lees who managed to landed a beautiful sealiced 11lber on Saturday morning. This was our first FIN-CLIPPED of the season.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 24th June)
Total: 4 Largest: Lochy 15lbs
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

14lb Camisky


14 Lbr Falls

Andy Burton in early May.

Brian Tolmie dfrom Tolmie on beat 2. Early May.

John Veitch with his fish from Beat 1. Early May.

John Veitch with Anne Woodcock and her cracking 18lb salmon from the Foxhunter pool on the 14 August.

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