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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 17th July)

Due to work commitments and annual leave this report covers W/B June 19 - W/E July 15:

The W/E June 24 saw the Garynahine River being lightly fished, however 7 grilse were recorded but fish were regularly following flies and taking short. B. Davis had one (4lb) from Little Round on a Park Shrimp on the Monday and I. Macary had two (3 & 5lb) from the Sea Pool and Long Pool on a Park Shrimp and Stoats Tail. I. Mackenzie had a 3lb fish from the Long pool on an Orange Muddler and the other three (4, 4 & 6lb) were caught in the Sea Pool on Gold Muddlers and a Stoats Tail. All fish were in excellent condition and safely returned.
Last week (W/E July 15) the Garynahine River, once again, was lightly fished but managed 7 grilse for the week with several others lost. Harrison O'Conner, on holiday from Minnesota, fished in tricky conditions from Mon to Wed and landed 1 grilse each day from the Sea Pool. The fish were caught on a Stoats Tail, Alastair & Willie Gunn and all were returned. On Thu, G. Mackenzie and D. Whiteford had 2 each from the Sea Pool on Stoats Tail, Watsons Bumble & Goats Toe. Despite reasonable conditions on Fri & Sat anglers were frustrated with fish taking short or simply not taking at all!

Grimersta catches have been steady throughout the past 3 weeks: W/E June 24 saw 19 grilse landed; P. Goodwin had two 4lb fish from the river on the 19th and J. Seviour released a 3lb and 5lb-8oz fish at Macleays Stream the same day. K. Strachan released a brace of grilse on June 21 (Bridge Pool & Loch 1), C. Rothwell landed a 3lb-8oz grilse from the Battery Pool on the 22nd and the following day he had one from Macleays Stream, both on a Collie Dog. The 24th saw I. Traynor (SAA) releasing two 4lb grilse during a visit to loch 1, both on an Executioner and C. Rothwell released fish of 5lb & 4lb from the river, both on a Cascade.
W/E July 1 saw 11 grilse and a salmon recorded: C. Rothwell released the first grilse (4lb-8oz) to be landed from loch 4 this season which he hooked on a Cascade on the 26th; G. Seligman released a 4lb grilse, also on the 26th that he hooked in Bradfords Pool on a Sunray Shadow and on the 28th he released three more grilse whilst fishing the Captains pool, Long Pool and Loch 1. The heaviest fish for the week was a 7lb salmon from the Kelt Pool on the 29th which was hooked on a Cascade by J. Evans and was released.
W/E July 8 produced 13 fish: M. Sturgeon released 3 (5lb, 5lb & 5lb-8oz) whilst fishing the Battery, Bridge and Long Pools on July 3 and E. Davies released grilse of 3lb-8oz & 4lb-8oz which he hooked on a Blue Elver in the Bridge Pool on July 6.
W/E July 15 saw 22 salmon/grilse recorded, 20 of which were released: A. Edwards landed 3 grilse during the week, one from the Bridge Pool and 2 from Loch 1 which were hooked on a Night Hawk (1) and Blue Elver (2); A. Pinsent landed two (4lb & 5lb) from the Bridge Pool on the 11th; N. Bagshawe had 2 on the 12th from the Bridge Pool & Kelt Pool and G. Curtis landed 3 (3lb, 4lb & 4lb) on the 14th, one from the First Stream and 2 from Loch 1 all of which were hooked on a Green Butt.

The first grilse to be landed from the Morsgail Estate were landed on July 8th by Ian Jones: Ian was fishing the Rock pool on the lower river and released two grilse (4lb & 5lb) which he hooked on an Orange Muddler.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 22nd July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Barvas Estate 7, Creed (Stornoway AA) 3, Fhorsa 16, Garynahine 7, Grimersta 17, South Uist Estate 1, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 1.
Total: 52 Largest: Grimersta 9lbs
SEA TROUT: Creed (Stornoway AA) 3, Fhorsa 1, Garynahine 13, Gress 1, Grimersta 8, Finsbay 2, South Uist Estate 1.
Total: 29 Largest: South Uist Estate 4lbs
TROUT: Garynahine 2, Grimersta 35, Finsbay 5. Total: 42.

Angus Macdonald with a well-conditioned brown trout from Loch Eirearaigh on opening day of the season. One of five he landed that day (four on worm & one on fly)

Season so far

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An 8lb sea-liced salmon from Grimersta's First Stream. The fish was hooked on a Munro Cascade by J. Maciver on April 28th

A fresh-run 10lb salmon from the Bridge Pool on the Grimersta River. Philip Blair hooked the salmon on a Black & Silver Squid fly during April 26th

J. Maciver releasing a 9lb-8oz salmon to the Bridge Pool at Grimersta. The fish was hooked on an Executioner variant during April 19th