Burn Estate


South of Gannochy Bridge


Extent: 2.5 miles left bank with 14 pools
Maximum rods: 3. Occassionally a house rod may be fished in medium water conditions, although booking all 3 rods ensures exclusivity.
Price range: £25 - £80.



The Burn Estate is split into two very quiet and private beats - top (Gannochy) and bottom (Dalladies).

Each beat has a variety of pools to suit conditions - although very low or very high water is never welcome on a salmon river, the Burn Estate has outstanding very high water pools on both beats so is seldom washed out - the beat will fish to just four feet on our gauge when large runs of fish will be seen in the beat. As well as the main pools, look out for small pockets which hold running fish - you may get a pleasant surprise! We fully endorse the river's regulations and encourage fly fishing on both beats although spinning is permitted.

Our season takes off in mid-March when springers begin appearing in larger numbers although fish have been seen in the beat from opening day - like most N East rivers, fishing is hard in February and early March but landing an early fish is a tremendous start to every angler's season. The spring run merges into the summer run from late May with grilse appearing in the beat from July often thrashing their way through the pools in acrobatic fashion. The famed back-end run kicks off in late August with fresh fish landed right up to the final day of October. Our catches are from our single bank fishing so should be approximately doubled to more accurately reflect the overall quality and potential of this stretch of river.

A 4x4 vehicle is required if you wish to drive to all pools - however, it is far from essential as the river is never more than a five minute walk away.

Please note, on odd numbered dates ie, 1st, 3rd, 11th, 23rd, 31st etc, the Burn Estate fishing starts on the top beat (Gannochy). On even numbered dates, i.e. 2nd, 4th, 12th, 24th etc, the Burn Estate fishing starts on the bottom beat (Dalladies). There is a 1pm changeover that must be strictly adhered to by anglers. There is a reciprocal agreement with the opposite bank whereby you never have 'opposition' fishing the same pools.

As with all fishing, we'd recommend careful wading with a stick and lifejacket. The management does not accept responsibility for vehicle damage or individual injury including those joining you on the beat. Please take care accessing and in all pools and please respect the river.

In most conditions a 13' rod will suffice, with a longer rod only really being needed for very high water. In lower water a single-handed rod or a shorter double-handed rod provides good sport. Your choice of lines will vary according to water height/temp. However, in a medium height from late spring onwards a floating line with sinking tip or an intermediate line will suffice.

There are a number of rock shelves and enough large fish to warrant strong leaders - most of the fish will be very fresh and hard fighters - approximately 75% of our fish are sea-liced and fresh from the sea. Look out for larger fish - the beat produces 20lb fish and numerous fish in the high teens every season.

Orange based flies do work very well but all the N East favourites work well. Cascades and Ally's Shrimps remain very popular while Flamethrowers and Stoat's Tails are regularly successful. Unless the water is very high or coloured, 1" tubes usually suffice in the spring and autumn. Don't be afraid to use flies you think are too small - size 14 (and smaller) flies have landed salmon in low water conditions. Hitch tubes work well when the water warms. With considerable numbers of fish lying in the pools at times, trying out new techniques is often possible.

Wading will be required but, with the exception of the Pipe Pool, never above the thighs. Be careful not to over-wade - the fish will be close in.

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