Banff and Buchan

Welcome to our Banff and Buchan fishing page.

We have limited fishing available in the this region currently but are in the process of finding new fishing for anglers.

The rivers we have current fishing available are the Deveron Ythan and Ugie.

The Deveron.

The river has a length of 60 miles (97 km), and has a reputation for its salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing. In its upper reaches peaty water flows over a bottom of shingle and rock and is fast flowing.

The river has its source in the Ladder Hills between Glenbuchat and the Cabrach, part of the Grampian range. It begins as a small highland stream among peaty and heather covered country before leaving the hills and entering the rolling lowlands of fertile farmland. The two main streams in its upper course are the Alt Deveron and the Black Water. Some 17 miles downstream from the river's source, the river passes through the town of Huntly, where it is joined by its tributary, the River Bogie.

The Deveron at Laithers.

The Ugie.

A "wee gem" that runs from source to the mouth of the river at the north east town of Peterhead. A river with a fantastic hatchery programme in place, a fish counter and most importantly unrivaled access for disabled anglers. The river has 6 miles of double bank fishing, but the locals tend to fish off the north bank which contains over three miles of manicured single bank fishing in this north east spate river.

The river Ugie.

An Angler fishing in the estuary on the Ythan.

The Ythan

The River Ythan has a length of 60 km.

The rives in the North-east of Scotland rising at Wells of Ythan near the village of Ythanwells and flowing south-eastwards through the towns of Fyvie, Methlick and Ellon before flowing into the North Sea near Newburgh, in Formartine. The name is believed to have originated from an old Pictish word of Brythonic origin meaning gorse.

The lower reach of the river is known as the Ythan Estuary, a Special Protection Area for conservation, particularly the breeding ground of three tern species

The river fishings that are currently available are highlighted in Blue.

Fishing on the River Deveron Laithers Beat

Fishing on the Ythan on Newburgh Beat

Fishing on the Ugie

The Ugie Angling Association Facebook page

Liam with Club cup for his first salmon at 7 years old. 24 September 2016.