Where Can Wheelyboats Go?

Physical restrictions

However much a beat owner and ghillie may wish to help, it is simply not possible to take a Wheelyboat onto many beats. Either the river is too small or rocky for a boat with an outboard engine, or it isn't possible to launch and recover one due to steep banks or other obstructions. Also it may not be possible to get a four wheel drive vehicle to the boat, or the bank may be too steep for you to get from the vehicle to the boat.

Even where beats can accept Wheelyboats, users must appreciate that there will be parts of the beat where the boat cannot go.

Water and wind conditions

You should also note that if water conditions are very high or very low, or wind conditions are very strong, then fishing will be restricted and in extreme conditions it may not be possible or safe to take the Wheelyboat out at all, even if other fishing can still take place.

Each fishery has a guide as to what to expect in difficult river conditions, so do please check their web page before booking.

Lists of suitable fisheries

These vary from time to time but the current beats which can accommodate the boat are highlighted on the relevant river's fisheries page with an asterisk (see links below).

If you click on the beat name you can read all about it and select a further link that explains how the Wheelyboat can be used on that beat.

Tay Fisheries - Hoping to start in July 2010

Tweed Fisheries

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Finding fishing days to go with your Wheelyboat

There are two ways to find suitable fishings on the days you want:

EITHER: go to the relevant river's fisheries pages (see links at bottom of left hand column), and select a fishery with an asterisk to see details on that fishery. There is then a link to the fishing availability on that beat.

OR: Go to the relevant river's Find Fishing page (see links below) and use the search form at the bottom of the page, making sure you click the Disabled button first.

Tay Find Fishing page - Hoping to start in July 2010

Tweed Find fishing page

Help desk

If you are having problems finding suitable fishing that can take the Wheelyboat, do ring our help desk on 01573 470612 and we will be happy to help you and, if you wish, to book your boat and fishing together.