Using a Wheelyboat

Booking a boat

On salmon rivers, the Wheelyboat does not come with any fishing which you will need to book separately - see 'Where can they go' and 'How to book' in the left hand menu.

Getting to the Wheelyboat

You can sometimes get an ordinary car to the Wheelyboat on some salmon rivers, but often this will require a four wheel drive vehicle. Don't worry if you don't have one, as the Wheelyboat provider will, although this will mean you transferring vehicles and having to sit in the vehicle seat rather than your wheelchair for the transit.

Getting from the vehicle to the boat may just be by wheelchair down a suitable path, but occasionally the wheelchair may have to be carried and in extreme cases roped down a bank. The Wheelyboat provider will make sure that there are enough helpers to ensure that this can be done safely.

Getting into the boat

Your wheelchair will be pushed up a specially designed boat ramp to a platform at the front of the boat that is guarded by rails. When safely aboard, the platform is lowered hydraulically and you can then move your wheelchair to a position at the rear of the boat where you will fish from.

Please note that there will not be room on the boat for anyone other than yourself and the Wheelyboat operator, so if you bring you own helper he/she will have to wait on the bankside or in the hut if one is provided at the fishery.

Getting into a Wheelyboat

Getting into a Wheelyboat

Fishing from the boat

The Wheelyboat operator will row you to a suitable fishing spot and may use the boat's outboard engine to enable this. He will then keep you in position using his oars while you fish. This may involve the use of a double-handed rod so you will need to have enough mobility to use one.

Please be aware that the boat may not be able to cover all the fishing spots on the fishery during the course of the day. Also the needs of other anglers booked on to the fishery must also be taken into consideration so that they too get a reasonable chance to fish.


It is strongly recommended that before booking a Wheelyboat you make sure you have:
  • Booked some fishing to go with it on a beat that accepts the wheelyboat
  • Checked the disabled section on the beat's FishPal web page to ensure that you are happy with its arrangements.
  • Spoken to the Wheelyboat's operator so that he can advise you properly on everything that might be involved.