River Levels

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SCOTLANDRiver HeightStatusLast Updated
Annan at Three Waters Meet1 ft4 inRisingWed 6.50pm
Orchy at Glen Orchy2 ft0 inRisingWed 7.16pm
Ayr at Catrine0 ft9 inFallingWed 7.03pm
Beauly at Red Bridge1 ft8 inSteadyWed 7.11pm
Border Esk at Canonbie1 ft8 inRisingWed 6.51pm
Clyde at Abington0 ft11 inSteadyWed 7.37pm
Conon at Moy Bridge2 ft2 inSteadyWed 7.15pm
Borgie at Borgie Bridge2 ft5 inFallingWed 7.14pm
Bladnoch at Low Malzie2 ft0 inSteadyWed 6.56pm
Dee at Ballater0 ft5 inSteadyWed 6.15pm
Don at Culfork0 ft2 inSteadyWed 6.53pm
Findhorn at Forres1 ft7 inFallingWed 6.55pm
Teith at Callander1 ft9 inSteadyWed 7.36pm
Lochy at Camisky3 ft1 inSteadyWed 7.17pm
Cassley at Rosehall2 ft3 inSteadyWed 7.38pm
Ness at Ness-side2 ft2 inSteadyWed 7.18pm
Nith at Drumlanrig1 ft6 inSteadyWed 6.57pm
South Esk at Gella Bridge0 ft6 inSteadyWed 6.54pm
Spey at Grantown-on-Spey1 ft3 inSteadyWed 7.06pm
Tay at Ballathie4 ft2 inSteadyWed 7.04pm
Tweed at Boleside1 ft7 inSteadyWed 6.08pm

ENGLANDRiver HeightStatusLast Updated
Tamar at Gunnislake5 ft8 inRisingWed 7.08am
Tyne at Bywell2 ft2 inFallingWed 6.11am
Wear at Witton Park0 ft11 inSteadyWed 6.11am

WALESRiver HeightStatusLast Updated
Towy at Capel Dewi8 ft2 inRisingWed 8.36am
Usk at Chain Bridge6 ft5 inRisingWed 8.36am


The heights shown are those above normal summer lows and are automatically updated by FishPal when data is emailed to it by the relevant agency. These emails should come in at around 7am and 8pm each day. If they contain out of date data, or simply do not come, the database does not update the website, but automatically notifies the agency of the problem and waits for the next update to come.

Please note that these figures are not guaranteed. Anyone wishing to make important decisions based on river heights should check directly with the agency concerned.