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Week of Beat/Fishery Country Water Species Rent/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Notes
27 Feb 17Upper North WarkScotlandTweed as st £45-11----
6 Mar 17Lower KinnairdScotlandTay as st £30---666-
6 Mar 17Upper KinnairdScotlandTay as st £30665556-
20 Mar 17BywellEnglandTyne as st £87+vat4441---
20 Mar 17Dryburgh LowerScotlandTweed as st £40+vat2243---
20 Mar 17KincardineScotlandDee as st £6013-----
27 Mar 17TaymountScotlandTay as st £95---441- C&R
3 Apr 17CargillScotlandTay as st £50+vat3------ C&R
10 Apr 17KercockScotlandTay as st £45+vat665774- C&R
17 Apr 17KercockScotlandTay as st £45+vat4---22- C&R
24 Apr 17KercockScotlandTay as st £45+vat22-442- C&R
1 May 17KercockScotlandTay as st £45+vat26883-- C&R
5 Jun 17Newtyle (Bank)ScotlandTay as st £60-23-31- C&R
26 Jun 17CrathieScotlandDee as st £80+vat111----
17 Jul 17KercockScotlandTay as st £55+vat444444- 1 fish
18 Sep 17Dryburgh UpperScotlandTweed as st £250+vat444444-
18 Sep 17Dryburgh LowerScotlandTweed as st £295+vat-33444-
16 Oct 17Dryburgh LowerScotlandTweed as st £295+vat-4--33-
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