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Last week

(Last updated: Saturday 14th October)

With just over a fortnight of the season left to go the system has fish throughout it of all colours and sizes. Both fresh salmon and some very late running sea trout have been seen and caught by anglers recently. Hitting good conditions for your chosen beat is key at the moment as recent lifts of water have washed off some anglers on the main river whilst producing better sport for others further up the system.
Recent catches include a 12lb salmon for Sarah Iveson which she carefully returned on a Tyne Toucan from the lower South Tyne and which followed her 9lb sea trout from the main river earlier in the month.
Also on the South Tyne Gordon Potts landed a 16lb salmon on fly and his son Andrew a sea trout. Another Father and son team enjoyed a great visit to Dilston on the main river last week with Josh Ystenes landing salmon of 25lbs and 14lbs and a sea trout of 4lbs whilst his Dad had salmon of 16lbs, 14lbs, 14lbs, 12lbs and 4lbs and their fishing buddy David landed a salmon of 13lbs. They also lost 6 more. All fish were on fly and all returned. Also on Dilston Paul Gurney reported salmon of 12lbs and 5lbs.
Back on the South Tyne and Guy Broome landed a fresh grilse and fresh sea trout on a Red Francis from the middle river and followed that up later in the month with a 10lb salmon on the same fly. On both days fresh sea trout and grilse were seen running. On the lower South Tyne again, and 3 Gordons landed fish from the same pool on the same day. Local rod Phil Gordon led the way with fish of 25lbs, 12lbs and a sea trout of 5lbs and brother Dave followed his lead with salmon of 8lb and 5lb. On the same day Ian Gordon - no relation- landed a salmon of 12lbs. All fish were taken on fly and all carefully returned.
Meanwhile on the North Tyne Bill Shields landed and returned a nice fresh sea trout and Chris Jones enjoyed a great day out landing a sea trout, a grilse and a salmon of 10lbs all on his own secret fly! Also from the North Tyne near Bellingham Justin Szymborski was at it again landing salmon of 9, 10 and 12 lbs on a Red Ally's shrimp pattern and the following day a 5lb sea trout also on the Red Ally's.
Please send reports and/or photographs of fish caught to or contact me on 07751644599 - reports are gratefully received and make this page a much better read for all.
PLEASE NOTE - The Environment Agency is asking anglers to send in a few scales from the fish that they catch including kelts. The scales contain information that can be described as a biography of a fish's life history and growth rates and by examining the scales under magnification we can infer the age of the fish. The age data that is collected from scales adds detail to the counter and video data collected at Riding Mill.
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Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 15th October)
SALMON & GRILSE: Eltringham 2, Bywell 2, Styford 2, Dilston 1, Warden Fishing 5, Chollerton 2, Haughton Castle 3, Chipchase Castle 5, Chipchase - Riverhill 1, Chesters 3.
Total: 26 Largest: Dilston & Warden Fishing 20lbs
SEA TROUT: Bywell 2, Styford 1, Dilston 1, Chipchase Castle 1.
Total: 5 Largest: Dilston 5lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

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