(Last updated: Friday 18th August)

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Catches have been very well spread and there is a good head of both salmon and sea trout in the system. Most fish have been landed on fly but spinners have taken fish in higher and more coloured water too. There have been a mixture of very fresh and slightly staler fish. Many fish have been bearing numbers of freshwater lice - not to be mistake for sea lice.
Sport should continue particularly with any any fresh water in the system and if not early and late can often produce the goods. Finding a place where running fish might stop has been important in the regular lifts of water we have enjoyed lately but seeing fish running hard has been very frustrating on some days!
Tight lines
Neil Lobban

Riding Mill Fish Counter

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Fishing on the Tyne
Haley Blades with her second salmon of the season, both fish were caught at Hexham on an 8wt single handed trout rod, May 2014.

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