Dilston, near Corbridge


The Dilston fishings are on the The Dilston fishings are on the right bank of the Tyne immediately upstream of the village of Corbridge.

The beat is just over two and a half miles long and includes some excellent fly water.

A well-appointed fishing hut overlooks the Widehaugh Pool.

Since 2013 there has been a gradual increase in catches and 2016 (which was seen as a 'difficult' year up and down the river) saw a 58% increase in salmon caught compared to 2015. In 2011, over 200 salmon were caught along with 40 sea trout. 2015 saw several sea trout over 10lb caught, the largest being14lb

Please see Fishery conditions to familiarise yourself with instructions when using the Widehaugh railway crossing

Ghillies/Guides can be booked by calling Jim Harvey on 07748 356078. These are local Ghillies with many years' experience of the beat. During September and October we will meet rods on the beat from 8.30am to advise on the pools and tackle to use


The beat was made famous by A H Chaytor who fished it with great success at the beginning of the 20th century.
Chaytor's experiences here formed the basis for his salmon fishing classic, "Letters to a Salmon Fisher's Sons".
The beat is over two and a half miles of the main river. It is just over 3 miles upstream of Bywell and is very good salmon holding water. There is good fly water throughout, commencing with some excellent runs at the upstream, western limit. Spinning can also be worthwhile on some of the deeper slower stretches.
There is a well-appointed fishing hut at the car parking area next to the productive Widehaugh Pool. Tea & coffee is provided and there is an outdoor picnic area with tables and BBQ.
With good quality water throughout the beat, there are excellent opportunities for the angler at varying water heights.
The beat is dissected into upper and lower halves by the Devil's Water where it flows into the main river.
The upper half of the beat, upstream from the Devil's Water to the western limit, fishes most consistently, but there are excellent opportunities at the lower half downstream from the Devil's Water to the bridge at Corbridge particularly in higher water.
The wading is good but anglers are advised to wear a life jacket and the use of a wading stick is essential.

The full beat, for up to 6 rods, is available to the visiting angler on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday throughout the season.

The upper half (from the upstream western limit to Devil's Water Stream) will be available on Saturdays and will be restricted to 4 rods on that day.

Visiting rods will have exclusive access to the beat from 8.30 am until 5.30pm in the evening at which point they may be joined by members of Corbridge Anglers.

Salmon catches in 2016 were up 58% on 2015. Catches exceeded 200 reported salmon and 40 sea trout in 2011.

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We have available a number of knowledgeable local ghillies who have many years' experience of fishing the water. If you would like to book one please ring Jim Harvey on 07748 356078.